Japanese Cooking Classes
in Kyoto with Yumiko

Experience the food culture of Japan using your five senses

Add to your wonderful memories of your Japanese trip by learning to cook Japanese food.

Each student can learn Japanese culture while cooking delicious meals made from fresh Kyoto ingredients.

Yumi Yummy food is easy to recreate after you return home.

Be warmed by Japanese hospitality throughout the lesson as I teach in a polite and friendly environment.

About Yumiko

About Yumiko

I was born and grew up in Kyoto city.

My grandmother, Kaji was a wonderfully dedicated cook and always created traditional Japanese food.

Thanks to her, I have a lot of wonderful memories of beautiful meals made with local vegetables and foods.

Luckily, she also taught me how to cook and present them.

I have lived in and visited many countries and have eaten lots of delicious and interesting meals.

I have also made wonderful friends in each country and at the same time learned how to cook some favourite dishes from around the world.

I love sharing my passion for cooking and making it easy for you to enjoy Japanese cooking at home.

I also hold licenses for the tea ceremony and Japanese style flower arrangement. So in your course, you can ask me not only how to conduct the tea ceremony but also about the Japanese way of presentation.

Recommendation by Cathryn Byrne

I have known Yumiko for 30 years.

Initially I lived in her home town for 3 years and the highlight of my week was visiting Yumiko and eating the beautiful creations she would make for us.

Our other good friend used to say that we needed a second stomach for dessert!

She is a great cook and teacher!

I now visit her often and still enjoy her delicious, and healthy, food.

She speaks excellent English.

She is a knowledgeable and gentle lady, trained in many of the traditional arts, and one of the most delightful people I know.

Anyone spending time being taught by Yumiko would be very lucky indeed!

Recommendation by Peter Boronski

Yumoko and I have been friends for over 10 years.

She is a natural hostess and my family and I have enjoyed her fine food and hospitality on many occasions.

She has a genuine and diverse knowledge on many aspects of Japanese culture, traditions and history and is always happy to share this in a relaxed and charming manner.

A day with Yumiko will surely add a sparkle to your time in Kyoto!