Course and menu

Sushi à la carte

Don't you think that it would be wonderful to make sushi by yourself at home?

In this course, you will learn three different styles of sushi: nigiri zushi, maki zushi and inari zushi. 

And you will learn some useful skills as well as sushi history.

Maybe it takes a little time to make sushi, but don’t worry I will help you.

It’s worth the effort!! Enjoy making sushi!!

Vegetarian/vegan friendly menu available.

We try to meet your needs as much as we can. Feel free to make your request.
For example; decorative sushi and so on.

A glass of beer or a small cup of sake will be offered in the sushi class.

Fee for one person


What you get in the class

  • English instruction and ingredients
  • Aprons provided
  • Printed recipes
  • A small gift